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Mission & Vision

What drives us & sets us apart

Events are our passion, and the stages are our world. For the perfect stage, we climb to the top of every iceberg. We light up concerts in the best light. And altogether, we make every event a highlight. For you, your artists, and all guests. Safety comes first in our work because our employees are our most valuable asset. Regular training, an actively engaged team spirit, and fair compensation for our stagehands and technicians are therefore our focus.

This is how we ensure not only the #BestCrew on social media but also on every construction site.

VSB … Vielseitig, Schnell, Bärenstark!

Stefan Sejka
CEO 24sound GmbH

The VSB crew does excellent work and provides professional and smooth support at concerts.

Ingeborg Doblander
Technical Production / Wiener Konzerthaus

The crew impresses with their individual personalities and skills.

Raphaela Sonnleitner
General Manager / EJ Creations GmbH

About Us

The #BestCrew

Our brand, #viennastagebastards, embodies our values that we live and work by: With us, you can always count on the best crew - at every event, in any weather, and in every situation. Yes, even in gusts of wind at 2,000 meters above sea level. We've got this.

Professional services in stage construction, system technology, and decoration construction, personalized advice based on decades of experience, and comprehensive support for every event project set us apart. And that goes for every one of our Bastards - whether stagehand, stage builder, or technician. Because #allclimbersarebeautiful!

Our history

#viennastagebastards forever

Our success story begins in 2014 when we, as experts from various professions in event services, joined forces to establish VSB Event OG. As experienced event service providers, we offer professional services in stage construction, system technology, and decoration construction.

From 2020 to 2022, we not only persisted but also placed even greater emphasis on sustainability and safety – choosing to think bigger rather than smaller despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

In 2021, Bastards for Future was established as a second venture of the partners, focusing on photovoltaic installation and development.

In 2023, both companies were merged, forming VSB United GmbH. The #viennastagebastards brand became its own entity.

In spring 2024, our home base in Vienna was inaugurated, and the team expanded.

What we put into action:

  • Dancing Stars
  • Eurovision Songcontest
  • B2B
  • Sommernachtskonzert
  • Donaufestival
  • Rock in Vienna
  • Fete Imperial
  • Wings fo life
to our references

This is what our customers say:

The long-standing collaboration for providing auxiliary staff with VSB has always been satisfactory for the Signature Group. VSB stands out with a professional, dedicated, and reliable crew.

Philipp Cejnek, MBA
CEO Signature Group GmbH

Whether day or night, the VSB crew was and is always reliable. Projects are handled autonomously and professionally. Always a pleasure to work with

Mag. Bernhard Hofer
CEO Bellutti Gruppe


Book the #BestCrew!

With our reliable services, we support your event in the following areas:

  • stage construction and Layher
  • system technology
  • decoration construction
  • additional professions upon request

With our stagehands and technicians, you benefit from decades of experience, up-to-date professional expertise, a well-coordinated top team and genuine support, including a 24/7 hotline

Do you have any questions about prices or details of our services?

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job profiles & glossary

What does it mean to be part of #viennastagebastards?

How do we operate?
As a well-coordinated team, we show up on the construction site as the reliable #BestCrew, naturally supporting each other. Communication with other crews, as well as our clients, is professional and respectful. We proactively bring our collective and individual competencies and skills to every job, ensuring safe and efficient workflows together. Furthermore, we are experienced, skilled, reliable, and, as you might already suspect: humorous.

What does it take?
Competence in event technology, stage construction, and decoration, which, if not already acquired, must be learned anew and continuously expanded and updated. We expect technical expertise, practical approaches, and logical thinking. Caution and attentiveness on the construction site are a must – our clear focus on occupational safety is not without reason. Similarly, we need an omnipresent solution-oriented mindset and, above all, a strong team spirit. We nurture this through team-building measures and regular employee discussions, among other things. Career changers are warmly welcomed.

What jobs are available?
VSB United GmbH employs reliable stagehands, experienced technicians, as well as forward-thinking all-rounders for the homebase, where consultation, support, and organization for all employees and clients are based. In this constellation, all necessary gears mesh seamlessly within our multi-professional team. This provides internal and external security and ensures smooth workflows. Furthermore, the #viennatagebastards continuously collaborate with other crews and companies in the events industry.

Our team introduces itself:


Stagehand soul since 2014


Stage-Bastard since 2015


Stagehand since 2018, good mood included!


Best dressed stagehand in work clothes!


Stagehand since 2022


Stagehand & trained carpenter


Stagehand since 2022


Stagehand & lighting technician



Stagehand & student



Young Bastard in training



Young bastard in training


Team leader for the #bestecrew


Crew uncle, 30 years of stagehand experience


Stagehand, sound engineer & producer


CrewChief & passionate Bastard


Showcase stagehand since 2016


Youngest CrewChief in action

Stina Stani

Mother of Bastards & Managing Director

Hr Fritz

Shareholder & customer support

Hr Ernie

Shareholder & logistics

Hr Lumpi

Shareholder & Stage Manager


Queen of homebase & Back Office


Son of Bastards, Office

Voices from our team:

Because I enjoy working with my second family..."


Because of the appreciation, the great atmosphere, the cohesion. Building something great together. Best employer in my professional career. The opportunity to advance.


I'm happy to be part of the VSB family because I have the same familial feeling as when I'm out with my buddies. I love creating something great with like-minded people!


Always new challenges, great colleagues!


Because of the employees, of course! That's what makes the work enjoyable!


viennastagebastards Benefit Campaign 2024

All Climbers Are Beautiful

We've often been asked if our fantastic crew shirts are available for purchase. And finally, the time has come! We've launched our own merchandise line under the title viennastagebastards.

We have useful tools, caps, and of course, shirts & hoodies. With the shirts & hoodies, you also have the option to choose your own colors for the lettering! Whether blue, green, yellow, orange, or even pink – we're flexible and will design your shirt or hoodie according to your wishes.

And because we're real bastards, it's important to us to do something good:

That's why the proceeds from our 'All Climbers Are Beautiful' shirt – the first crew shirt of our line for everyone – collected in December will benefit the St. Anna Children's Hospital.

In other words: From every 'All Climbers Are Beautiful' shirt sold until November 30, 2024, the proceeds will go into the pot, which will then be donated to the St. Anna Children's Hospital in December!

Support us all in this great campaign and wear our fantastic shirts even more proudly <3

Browse the shop:

viennastagebastards Benefit Action Shirt

Unisex, Organic Cotton

viennastagebastards Cap

Various colors

BLOG - Stories of the #viennastagebastards

In the spotlight & on trusses: Best of Stagehand Stories

From climbing in high altitudes to favorite construction sites and truly offbeat moments: In our blog, we share the best stories from our stagehands and technicians with you.

Our rock'n'roll is classic!

#viennastagebastards – high culture rocks

The work of VSB United GmbH rocks. And that's even though Novarock, Frequency, and stadium shows are not our construction sites. Because our rock'n'roll is classical.

High culture leads us continually to the historically most significant and beautiful places all over the country.

For example, for the Vienna Symphony Orchestra's Prater Picnic, we head to the world-famous - and released for the citizens by Emperor Joseph II in 1766 - amusement area of ​​the Vienna Prater.

We also regularly work on the grounds of Austria's most important attraction: yes indeed, in and around Schönbrunn Palace! Whether for the open-air musical around the legendary Empress "Elisabeth" or year after year as part of the Vienna Philharmonic Summer Night Concert.

But we also get into the feudal feeling during ball season when our stagehands and technicians ensure setup and dismantling, sound, and light in the most magnificent palaces and halls in Austria.

The Musikverein? They're our buddies. The Wiener Konzerthaus? It's practically our living room. Everywhere here, our #BestCrew acts as a well-coordinated symphony and with the necessary finesse for the best stages, perfect sound, or the most flattering light. With safety. And almost exclusively classical.

If that's not rock'n'roll, then we don't know what is.

From Kühtai with Love

13 nights – 4 men – 1 apartment

Our story begins in Tyrol. In the well-known ski area of Kühtai.

But the #viennastagebastards weren't there for snowboarding. Instead, we were there for a gigantic Layher dismantling of the TV production "The Jump" at an altitude of over 2,000 meters. Yes, it was cold too.

Sounds like a pretty awesome monster project, right? It gets even better!

As the #BestCrew, we weren't just up to the job. We were also up to the accommodation.

Imagine four strong men, already welded together by their previous work at VSB. Seasoned stagehands, experienced stage builders. Nothing can knock them down.

And then, for the twelve days of work in the Tyrolean mountains, well – there was exactly one apartment available. One. Did that faze us?

Of course not. Come on. We used the free time for spontaneous and unofficial team building as a small group: like a joint trip to the magnificent Tyrolean landscape on the only day off.

What emerged was an ultra-strong team spirit that nothing could knock down. Not then, not now. Where even now, when the nights get longer, we still reminisce about our 13 "love" nights in the fresh-air-conditioned region of Imst.

That was something, back then. And so, our story today ends peacefully and strongly right where it began: in Tyrol.

Who is building the largest festival stage in Austria?

Together for Big Paul

We probably don't need to introduce you to LIDO Sounds: the multi-day music festival not only brings the coolest artists from various genres to the capital of Upper Austria but also attracts around 35,000 visitors.

Just like in 2023. It was huge. So huge that, of course, we were first on board for the trial setup in Germany along with other Austrian crews, which went fantastically well.

In Linz itself, it was time to get down to business: 30 steelhands and stage builders from a total of four crews from different Austrian states were involved. Our #viennastagebastards from VSB were, of course, fully on board.

Together, we did it: successfully built the largest festival stage in Austria. With the goal of having Big Paul ready to play after three days.

Conclusion? Mission accomplished. Proud of it. Took away some good learnings. Of course, nerves were lost along the way – but reliably found again.

With experience, know-how, and even cross-crew teamwork, anything is possible. Even creating the biggest stage in the country.

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Shareholder & logistics

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