FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Any questions? You will be answered here!

Is there an emergency phone?
Our hotline +43 676 428 32 30 is available 24/7. Even if we can't answer immediately, we will call back within minutes. This ensures that we are always easily reachable for our clients and our employees in case of emergencies of any kind.

Is there a central contact person reliably available for me during on-site work?
On-site, with 4 or more personnel, there's always a responsible crew leader, and with 10 or more personnel, there may even be a project manager. This individual ensures correct task distribution based on crew competencies and handles the professional execution of all client requests.

What is the procedure in case of a work accident?
Many of our employees are trained first aiders. Our safety officer is our team leader Simon. Generally, the on-site crew leader familiarizes themselves with the local safety regulations and implements them in the event of a work accident.

My event is not in Austria. Can I still book you?
The #viennastagebastards are happy to travel. Travel expenses, as well as accommodation and meals on-site, are invoiced to the client via expense reports if not provided by the organizer. We're happy to provide a quote!

How much lead time do you need if I want to book you for an event?
The earlier, the better. We're also open to last-minute assignments – it's part of the event industry we all love – but we can't always guarantee availability for short-notice requests.

Can I work part-time or as a minor contributor with the #viennastagebastards?
Our #viennastagebastards prefer full insurance coverage based on a 30-hour week – it balances out well throughout the year with varying intensity months. However, we're always very appreciative of support from motivated colleagues, even with fewer hours and on an ad-hoc basis.

Does VSB United GmbH take on apprentices?
Currently, we only accept apprentices in the field of event technology through a public employment service (AMS) program.

I would like to collaborate as a freelancer/company/cooperative partner. Are there opportunities at VSB?
Collaborations are the foundation of the events industry! We welcome your message and are happy to explore collaboration possibilities.

How can I get your wonderful #viennastagebastards merchandise?
Our shop is currently under development. However, feel free to send us an email with your inquiry.

What sets the #viennastagebastards apart from other event service providers in system technology, stage construction, and decoration?
We are a unique team complemented by diversity and continuous improvement. Some of our Bastards have been in the industry for almost 30 years, and we continuously work on knowledge transfer between the 'old' and 'young' to not only preserve but also develop acquired knowledge for the next generation.

Our interaction is professional yet always with humor – because only with a happy team in the #BestCrew can we also deliver the #BestJob.

What competencies are housed under one roof at VSB United GmbH?
We are your interface for everything your event heart desires. What we don't have, we can organize.

Aside from our #BestCrew, we have a large network of technicians and companies in event technology, stage equipment, equipment, decoration construction, and more. So, reaching out to us is always worthwhile!